In part 1 of this week's episode we are talking about the global pandemic that everybody seems to have forgotten about.

People are going out without masks, not practicing social distancing, and pretty much living their lives normally again and it's terrifying!

We get it, we've all been cooped up for months isolated in our homes, but the truth is numbers are rising again, especially in states where there has been loosened restrictions like Texas, Nevada, Arizona, and California.

We need to be smart and look out for each other still, and in this week's episode we share about how to approach life now that restrictions are starting to lift while still being smart and protecting one another.

It's important to remember that COVID-19 is still a very real thing and cases are continuing to rise because people are not practicing social distancing and thinking the rules no longer apply. Let's talk about it.

Let us know what you think about this episode and if you feel like we are opening up too soon in the U.S.

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This is a an emotionally charged episode for which we wanted to do our best to respect each other's stance and opinions on all that has been going on with the horrific murder of George Floyd, the non stop police brutality towards BIPOC and the subsequent peaceful protests and riots that have been taking place in cities all over the United States including our hometown of San Diego. 

In this episode we decided rather than argue with one another as we do have some differing opinions on all that is going on right now we would each present our beliefs and points of view one at a time and give the other a 30 second rebuttal so to speak as the to challenge one another on anything we have brought up. 

We dive into the murder of George Floyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis, the public outcry for justice and how the oppression of BIPOC in this country led to a public uproar and call for action. 

Randy shares his beliefs and perspective as a lawyer as to the charges against the officers and the reasoning behind charging them with 3rd degree murder initially. He also shares his opinion as a Republican about how radical left wing groups like Antifa are making the riots worse, and how the police need to protect all Americans and how peace won't really exist until everybody views the police as an agency of peace rather than one of violence. 

Harriet shares her journey from being a largely uneducated Republican who knew very little about the oppression of BIPOC in America and the steps she took to educate herself. She also shares the resources and education tools that she has used to learn how to not only become not racist, but work to actively combat racism. Harriet also talk's about how it's not on BIPOC to educate white people anymore as to how they can be allies because they are exhausted and it's nobody's job but our own. 

We agree on some things but disagree on others, like so many families currently in the United States.


We wanted to give a realistic portrayal of how people can feel about the issues taking place and that have been taking place in this country for so long.


We hope you take something away from this episode and if you want to share your thoughts about anything we touched on reach ouch via our Instagram here =====>




Through six plus months of podcasting, having the tough and emotionally charged conversations where we hold completely opposing political beliefs, we feel like we've finally cracked the code as to how to have respectful and productive conversations about politics. Now we want to show you how.

In this episode you'll get a little sneak peak at the personal growth that we both have had since starting this podcast, and the way in which we listen to each other, challenge one another, and ultimately respect each other, even when we disagree. This is the type of conversation that is missing in this country. You can disagree with somebody politically without personally attacking them or name calling, and both sides can do better. We are so excited to show you how! 

We also get into whether or not you should shame somebody for not wearing a mask in public and we read your mean tweets! This might be our favorite episode yet, please take a listen and let us know what you think!


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We had the pleasure of sitting down with Newport Beach Mayor Will O'Neill who has been a very present figure in the media talking about the Beach Closures in California and why he believes that Governor Gavin Newsom is making politically motivated decisions not based on science. 

We discuss the importance of leading with logic and the sage wisdom that Will was given by his father and personal hero, that when in doubt it's better to be on the side of liberty rather than that of restriction. 

Will is so much more than just the favorite mayor of HGTV's Christina Anstead, he truly is as she described "a really great guy" who believes that being Mayor is about listening to your constituents regardless of their political affiliation. Will shares with us how being Mayor is a wonderful job he fulls so lucky to have and why it is a truly bipartisan effort.


Take a listen and let us know what you think. You can follow Will on his Instagram 

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We had the pleasure of interviewing CA GOP chairwoman Jessica Patterson, the first female and Latina Chairwoman of the California GOP which is quite the accomplishment. Jessia shares with us how she decided get into the politics and how strong female mentorship shaped her political journey. 

In this episode we discuss how we can empower more women to realize that their voice matters and how they can successfully run for office. We also discuss the future of the Republican party and it's journey towards greater inclusivity of both women and POC. Take a listen and let us know your thoughts! 

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It's just Randy and Harriet this week giving you an update on all things Coronavirus. They discuss the beach closures in California and whether or not opening the beaches is really the right call to make if people can't follow the rules of social distancing. 

They also talk about the recently FDA approved drug Remdesivir to help treat Coronavirus and what the most recent clinical trials reveal about the efficacy of the drug to prevent COVID 19 deaths. The clinical trial results also differ from the US and China in terms of how effective the drug was in treating sick patients and can we trust the information coming out of China right now? 

Finally they discuss and break down Governor Gavin Newsom's 4 phase plan to re open California, what phase California is currently in, how soon we will reach the other phases and how this reopening will affect small businesses. Take a listen and please send us your thoughts! 

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We had the privilege of speaking with County Supervisor Jim Desmond this week about his desire to help small businesses in San Diego get back to work. 

Last week he created a website where business owners were encouraged to reach out with ideas and their thoughts on how San Diego businesses can quickly recover from this shut down and get employees back to work.

Restaurants, gyms, salons and other small businesses wrote in and today Jim is sharing what he believes is a solid plan to get San Diego to re open small businesses while still implementing social distancing protocols. 

May 1st was the date that he had hoped small businesses would re open again but now that day is here and the shutdown has been extended indefinitely for San Diego. It was great speaking with somebody who is so in the know and taking great strides to keep small businesses afloat during this time of economic uncertainty.

If you live in San Diego and want some deeper insight into how government officials are voting and making decisions right now that will affect you, take a listen. 

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This week we sat down (virtually) to chat with Greg Gandrud, the Treasurer of the California GOP who was elected along with my dad and co host Randy Berholtz in 2019. 

Back in July of 2016, Greg attended the Republican National Convention in Cleveland as an Alternate Delegate for Donald J. Trump representing the 24th Congressional District and also founded Gandrud Financial Services Corporation. Greg manages tax and business services, wealth management, trust administration, and real estate  investments for clients in fifteen states and five countries.

In October of 2018, Greg formed a nonprofit called Fair Education Santa Barbara which has retained attorney Eric Early and has sued the Santa Barbara Unified School District and Just Communities Central Coast for spending dollars on what he calls "anti-American curriculum that is racist against white people and teaches students that white male Christian capitalists are oppressors".

We dive into if he believes white privilege actually exists and also why he does not believe that police brutality against POC is a real thing and how it comes down to simply knowing how to interact with the police. Harriet shares a much different view and you'll see us talk about this and discuss our opposing beliefs in a real and respectful way.

Greg is also an openly gay Republican Man who is a dues paying member of the Log Cabin Republicans, an organization that works within the Republican Party to advocate for equal rights for lesbian and gay Americans.

We discuss how the GOP and self declared party of family values has accepted Greg while his Democratic gay friends have un invited him from parties and shunned him since "Trump Derangement Syndrome" took over after the election in 2016. 

Harriet talks about the many ways in which homophobia is still very present in the Republican party and Randy asks the question "is it harder to be a gay man or a Republican in America". 

While these topics were ones that as Democrat, Harriet vehemently disagreed with, it was a successful episode because all parties were able to have a really respectful conversation and hear each other out which is the whole point of this podcast.

There was no name calling, no shutting each other down, and it was a really refreshing conversation. We hope you enjoy it and shoot us a message sharing your thoughts on this episode! 

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This week it's just Harriet and Randy discussing all things politics and the latest news surrounding the Coronavirus. We dive into President Trump and his ill informed briefing in which he suggested Americans should inject disinfectant to cure the Coronavirus and urge our listeners to only trust the experts here and refrain from drinking bleach. 

You can officially now listen to us now on the I Heart Radio app which is so exciting, more ways to listen!

We also deep dive into the sexual misconduct allegations against Joe Biden and why if we are going to believe women, we need to believe all women regardless of our political beliefs. As a Democrat Harriet discusses her beliefs about why Fox News is giving unfair coverage to Joe Biden's accuser when they refused to cover any of the allegations against President Trump and Brett Kavanaugh, but are dragging Biden through the mud. We also talk about CNN and how they need to be giving just as much coverage to Biden's accuser as they did that of Trump and Kavanaugh's.

If we are going to Believe Women don't we need to believe them regardless of our own political beliefs?

We think so and can't wait for you to hear this episode and your thoughts! Please DM us on Instagram to let us know what you think and you might just get featured on the show! 

We had the pleasure of sitting down with an incredible Stanford educated Doctor Han Chiu who shares how people can take control of their health during the COVID-19 pandemic. He breaks down the ways in the which the virus in transmitted and how people can bolster their body's natural defenses to protect themselves from the virus. 

Han takes an integrative approach to medicine and believes we can't just treat the systems unless we treat the body as a whole. He brings that expertise to his position at the San Diego Obesity and Diabetes Working Group working to tackle both from a lifestyle perspective. Han has released what he believes to be a plan that people can implement into their daily life in terms of supplements, lifestyle choices, a nd habits to practice to best protect themselves against the Coronavirus. 

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