March 2, 2020

A Justice with Integrity and a Whole Lot of Heart- Meet the Exceptionally Qualified Roberta Winston for San Diego Superior Court Judge Seat 18

We are thrilled to introduce you today the incredible Roberta Winston who is also running for San Diego Superior Court Judge Seat 18 against CJ Mody whom we had on the podcast last week. 

It was a pleasure to chat with her and learn more about her campaign as she is an incredibly accomplished and fascinating person with wonderful experience that is highly applicable to the position for which she is running. 

In this episode we get into why Roberta was rated as being exceptionally qualified by the San Diego County Bar Association and why she has been training for this position since her freshman year at at Michigan State University when she was chosen to serve as a Justice on the “all university student judiciary”.

While attending law school at the University of San Diego she was elected to serve as a Justice on the USD Honor Court. Both of these positions required Roberta to hear cases regarding students and their ethical violations. She was highly praised for her ability to be both fair and impartial in these rulings.

She began her legal career in the chambers of State court district Court Judge in Las Vegas working as his judicial law clerk and assisting with both civil and criminal matters.

This is the experience that really sparked her desire to one day become a judge.

Since that position Roberta has been a practicing attorney in San Diego for 33 years. The first were spent working as a litigator in a variety or specialities including personal injury, products liability. Construction defect, insurance bad faith as well. She has also worked in other areas of the law including Healthcare and Bankruptcy.

She has served as a guest lecturer at the University of Nevada Las Vegas speaking to blossoming minds about Advanced Business Law. In addition she has also provided extensive training on Effective Negotiation Skills, Unfair Claim Practices Act and Insurance Fraud Investigation Training.

In this episode we dig deep into

🙌🏻Why being "smart" on crime is sometimes better than being "tough" on crime.

🙌🏻Why it's so important to be fair, balanced, and even tempered as a judge and the need to put your implicit bias in a box.

🙌🏻How San Diego has been a pioneer for Collaborative Courts and what exactly they do for people to prevent recidivism. 

🙌🏻Why ego stroking should never be involved in the courtroom. 

🙌🏻How you can get curious rather than angry when discussing politics with somebody whom you disagree with. 

🙌🏻The importance of listening as a judge and why you have to be ok with making the unpopular decisions as long as it is the right one. 

She loves her family which includes three beautiful kids, her two rescue pups and she is an active participant in her community. Roberta is also a passionate fitness instructor, specializing in Zumba & Sculpt, and sings professionally. Truly it was a joy to interview her and she would make an incredible Superior Court Judge.

To learn more about Roberta Winston check out her website here

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