May 7, 2020

Beach Closures, Gavin Newsom’s 4 Phase Plan to Re Open California and is Remedesivir a Potential Treatment for Coronavirus?

It's just Randy and Harriet this week giving you an update on all things Coronavirus. They discuss the beach closures in California and whether or not opening the beaches is really the right call to make if people can't follow the rules of social distancing. 

They also talk about the recently FDA approved drug Remdesivir to help treat Coronavirus and what the most recent clinical trials reveal about the efficacy of the drug to prevent COVID 19 deaths. The clinical trial results also differ from the US and China in terms of how effective the drug was in treating sick patients and can we trust the information coming out of China right now? 

Finally they discuss and break down Governor Gavin Newsom's 4 phase plan to re open California, what phase California is currently in, how soon we will reach the other phases and how this reopening will affect small businesses. Take a listen and please send us your thoughts! 

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