March 26, 2020

Bridging the Partisan Divide with Joe Leventhal and Gil Cabrera, Putting Country Above Party During the Coronavirus Pandemic

This episode is truly special and just what America needs right now. We spoke with our previous guest Joe Leventhal, a Republican attorney who ran for San Diego City Council and his good friend Gil Cabrera, a Democratic attorney who ran for San Diego City Attorney in 2016 and serves on the San Diego Convention Center Corporation Board of Directors.

We decided that what the world needs now more than anything is positivity and to come together to bridge the previously gaping partisan divide between Republicans and Democrats.

In this episode we talk about 

🙌🏻How to communicate effectively and civilly with people whose political views are different than your own.

🙌🏻Has President Trump further divided the nation with his style of politics and was it easier to be a Republican in the times of George W. Bush? 

🙌🏻Why President Trump has so much support and is he giving a voice to those who feel they've been silenced in the past? 

🙌🏻How Democrats and Republicans can work together during this scary and uncertain time to reassure the public that we as a country will get through this. 

🙌🏻Joe speaks positively about things that Democrat leaders have done well during this time and Gil praises Republican officials he feels have been leading well during the time of Coronavirus. 

🙌🏻How to talk to your children about Coronavirus and how to stay sane while quarantined with your kids (backyard activities are a must). 

🙌🏻Is President Trump delusional in thinking that things can be back to normal by Easter and is raising the DOW more important than keeping people safe and healthy? 

Tune is to hear our views on these topics and more as we show that Republicans and Democrats can work together and even enjoy talking with each other about how to make the nation better during this uncertain time in America and the world. 

Thanks Joe and Gil for coming on the show and sharing your thoughts it was a blast and we love and admire your friendship. 

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