February 18, 2020

Get to Know the Candidates Running for San Diego City Attorney- Pete Mesich

We are so excited to be bringing you real and unbiased information to help you get to know the candidates running for local San Diego political positions. The first in our series of candidate interviews is Pete Mesich who is a running for the non partisan local position of San Diego City Attorney. 

Pete Mesich is a licensed San Diego attorney who has been practicing law for 17 years and has worked in the City Attorney’s Office in both the civil division and in the criminal division.

The quote that really made us say “we need this man on the show asap” was when Pete said in an interview that “one of the that I’ve found is the working for the public good is a lot more rewarding than working for money”, a sentiment that is rare to hear these days! 

He has a clear VIEW for San Diego City Attorney's office (Vision, Integrity, Experience/Education, Will) to restore the office’s reputation as one of the most effective, diverse, and respected public law firms in the United States.

In this interview we talk about 

  • the need for the city attorney to not have a self serving social media presence
  • the importance of removing political bias from the city attorney's office
  • why he doesn't just see this as a stepping stone to a larger political role
  • why the City Attorney’s Office, lead by the City Attorney, needs to be a pillar of trust in city government, as opposed to an example of corrosive political skepticism

It's a fascinating interview with a great candidate and we know this is more of a local episode but definitely take a listen if you're a San Diego voter so you can make informed decisions when casting your vote!

You can learn more about Pete Mesich on his website https://www.petemesichforcityattorney.com/ 

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