May 1, 2020

Hear from County Supervisor Jim Desmond About His Plan to Get San Diego Back to Work

We had the privilege of speaking with County Supervisor Jim Desmond this week about his desire to help small businesses in San Diego get back to work. 

Last week he created a website where business owners were encouraged to reach out with ideas and their thoughts on how San Diego businesses can quickly recover from this shut down and get employees back to work.

Restaurants, gyms, salons and other small businesses wrote in and today Jim is sharing what he believes is a solid plan to get San Diego to re open small businesses while still implementing social distancing protocols. 

May 1st was the date that he had hoped small businesses would re open again but now that day is here and the shutdown has been extended indefinitely for San Diego. It was great speaking with somebody who is so in the know and taking great strides to keep small businesses afloat during this time of economic uncertainty.

If you live in San Diego and want some deeper insight into how government officials are voting and making decisions right now that will affect you, take a listen. 

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