January 23, 2020

Hey Siri Launch a Drone Strike in Iran, Love Donald

Welcome back to an all new episode of Now Hear Me Out! This week we are talking about Gavin Newsome and his proposed 1 Billion Dollar plan to end homelessness in California, of course paid for by the taxpayers with no real data to back it up.

We also are talking about the last Democratic Election before the Iowa caucus which the Republicans are deeming the "ultimate snoozefest", apparently if you aren't actively making fun of a woman's appearance or alleging that one of your opponents dad's helped to assassinate JFK then it's just too boring!

As you can tell from the title of this episode we also discuss whether or not we agree with President Trump's decision and method of assassinating Iranian military general Qasem Soleimani.

We tie it all together with some words of advice for President Trump as to how he can better serve the United States and why he needs to delete Twitter from his phone for the safety of the country. Give it a listen and we promise you will learn a lot and be entertained as we discuss our opposing political views with love, humor and respect.

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