February 8, 2020

Hit It and Acquit It

This week we are talking all things State of the Union and the breaking news of President Trump's acquittal. Democrats saw it coming, Mitt Romney surprised us all and now those who spoke honestly within the White House are being ousted like decorated veteran Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. Shit is crazy!

We also recap our interesting and hilarious experience at the Republican Party San Diego County Central Committee Meeting on February 3rd where I dressed up as Lady Liberty and my dad dressed up as Uncle Sam.

We met some lovely and open minded people who commended what we are trying to do with starting a dialogue between family members who are on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

We also recap why some people who spoke need to purchase a dictionary and look up the term "feminism" and discuss why is Tomi Lahren so angry? 

It's a wild ride and as always we will hit you with our weekly "Hey Gavin".

We also are so excited to share that we have our first Democratic guest coming on the podcast next week!

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