June 1, 2020

Justice for George Floyd, Ending Police Brutality and the Difference Between a Peaceful Protest and a Riot

This is a an emotionally charged episode for which we wanted to do our best to respect each other's stance and opinions on all that has been going on with the horrific murder of George Floyd, the non stop police brutality towards BIPOC and the subsequent peaceful protests and riots that have been taking place in cities all over the United States including our hometown of San Diego. 

In this episode we decided rather than argue with one another as we do have some differing opinions on all that is going on right now we would each present our beliefs and points of view one at a time and give the other a 30 second rebuttal so to speak as the to challenge one another on anything we have brought up. 

We dive into the murder of George Floyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis, the public outcry for justice and how the oppression of BIPOC in this country led to a public uproar and call for action. 

Randy shares his beliefs and perspective as a lawyer as to the charges against the officers and the reasoning behind charging them with 3rd degree murder initially. He also shares his opinion as a Republican about how radical left wing groups like Antifa are making the riots worse, and how the police need to protect all Americans and how peace won't really exist until everybody views the police as an agency of peace rather than one of violence. 

Harriet shares her journey from being a largely uneducated Republican who knew very little about the oppression of BIPOC in America and the steps she took to educate herself. She also shares the resources and education tools that she has used to learn how to not only become not racist, but work to actively combat racism. Harriet also talk's about how it's not on BIPOC to educate white people anymore as to how they can be allies because they are exhausted and it's nobody's job but our own. 

We agree on some things but disagree on others, like so many families currently in the United States.


We wanted to give a realistic portrayal of how people can feel about the issues taking place and that have been taking place in this country for so long.


We hope you take something away from this episode and if you want to share your thoughts about anything we touched on reach ouch via our Instagram here =====> https://www.instagram.com/nowhearmeoutpodcast




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