April 27, 2020

Please Don’t Drink Bleach + Why We Can’t Just Believe Women When It Fits Our Political Beliefs

This week it's just Harriet and Randy discussing all things politics and the latest news surrounding the Coronavirus. We dive into President Trump and his ill informed briefing in which he suggested Americans should inject disinfectant to cure the Coronavirus and urge our listeners to only trust the experts here and refrain from drinking bleach. 

You can officially now listen to us now on the I Heart Radio app which is so exciting, more ways to listen!

We also deep dive into the sexual misconduct allegations against Joe Biden and why if we are going to believe women, we need to believe all women regardless of our political beliefs. As a Democrat Harriet discusses her beliefs about why Fox News is giving unfair coverage to Joe Biden's accuser when they refused to cover any of the allegations against President Trump and Brett Kavanaugh, but are dragging Biden through the mud. We also talk about CNN and how they need to be giving just as much coverage to Biden's accuser as they did that of Trump and Kavanaugh's.

If we are going to Believe Women don't we need to believe them regardless of our own political beliefs?

We think so and can't wait for you to hear this episode and your thoughts! Please DM us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nowhearmeoutpodcast to let us know what you think and you might just get featured on the show! 

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