March 15, 2020

Social Distancing Is Not a Snow Day - Protecting the Elderly and the Immunocompromised and Why Rugged Individualism is Making You Dangerous

Day 2 of our self quarantine over here, and my dad and I are recording this remotely today, he's in his own home and I am in mine.

There is a lot of fear and uncertainty going on right now and there are a lot of people who aren't taking this seriously. However as a family who has a sister/daughter who is severely immunocompromised we have to take this seriously and everybody else needs to be as well.

In this episode we talk about why social distancing is the smartest thing you can do to help flatten the curve so as not overwhelm our healthcare system and leave us in the position that Italy is currently facing, deciding who gets a vent off of who is most likely to survive.

It is a scary time right now in the world and we get that, so we are here to bring you as much current information as possible, some humor, and to encourage you to take this very seriously right now and do your part to help stop the spread so we can get back to our lives sooner rather than later.

The article we reference in this podcast are

Stay inside and stay safe. we are sending you all so much love and good vibes right now. We will get through but we need to be smart and self quarantine and practice social distancing.

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