March 18, 2020

Stay the F Home- Why Boomers Need to Get with the Program, Healthy Millenials Need to Stop Killing People, and Why Spring Break Can Wait

Our third Coronavirus coverage podcast is here and I think it's our most helpful one yet. In this episode you can hear both myself (a millenial) and my dad (a boomer) talk directly their generation about why it is so important to stay the F home right now and practice social distancing. 

You see people out there still living their lives like nothing is happening in the world and it's reckless, ignorant, and extremely selfish. Boomers are refusing to acknowledge that their advanced age puts them at greater risk and Millenials are saying "I'm young and healthy if I get it I'll be fine" without acknowledging that they are spreading it and killing those who are older or immunocompromised. 

We also touch on the Democratic debates, how President Trump is handling this pandemic and why are people having such a difficult time getting tests for COVID-19? When can we expect to have a sufficient number of tests and what is going to happen to the economy? 

Tune in and please share it with somebody you love, either a Boomer or a Millennial that isn't taking this pandemic seriously.

Here is the video I mentioned in the podcast in which Italians made video messages for themselves from 10 days ago before they went on lockdown urging people to take this seriously before we become Italy and must choose who gets a vent based off of their likelihood to survive.

We need to act now and flatten the curve to not overwhelm our healthcare system and lessen the numbers of cases.

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