April 20, 2020

Taking Control of Your Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic- M.D. Han Chiu Shares Practical Ways That People Can Protect Themselves from COVID-19

We had the pleasure of sitting down with an incredible Stanford educated Doctor Han Chiu who shares how people can take control of their health during the COVID-19 pandemic. He breaks down the ways in the which the virus in transmitted and how people can bolster their body's natural defenses to protect themselves from the virus. 

Han takes an integrative approach to medicine and believes we can't just treat the systems unless we treat the body as a whole. He brings that expertise to his position at the San Diego Obesity and Diabetes Working Group working to tackle both from a lifestyle perspective. Han has released what he believes to be a plan that people can implement into their daily life in terms of supplements, lifestyle choices, a nd habits to practice to best protect themselves against the Coronavirus. 

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