March 13, 2020

The Politics of the Coronavirus, How President Trump is Handling the Pandemic, and How to be a Good Human Being During a time of Fear and Uncertainty

This week it truly feels like the apocalypse.

Days ago people were laughing at people like myself for 'overreacting" to the spreading virus and President Trump even went as far as to call it a "Democratic Hoax". His own son claimed this was another way for the left to try and get his father removed from office.

My how the tune has changed in 48 hours. President Trump gave a speech on Wednesday night about the Coronavirus and the steps the government is taking to try to prevent the spread. He himself was exposed to the Coronavirus but is refusing testing. Tom Hanks and his wife have been diagnosed along with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's wife, March Madness is cancelled along with Coachella and Stagecoach and people are hoarding food and toilet paper.

How will we get through this as a nation?

In this episode we dive into

  • How President Trump's speech was received by both the Republicans and the Democrats.
  • If it's racist to refer to this virus as the "Chinese Coronavirus". 
  • How to be a good human being and keep your shit together during this time of fear and uncertainty asa country.
  • The reliable sources of information you should be using to get up to date info about quarantines and the spread of the virus. 
  • No cocaine won't cure Coronavirus stop doing that!

Please take a listen if you want a mix of serious information mixed in with lighthearted humor and a plea to the American people to come together during this time rather than let this fear tear us apart. Check in on your elderly neighbors who can't make it to the store and ask them what they need. Have 100 rolls of toilet paper in your garage, go give some to the single mom next door. Did you stock up on hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes weeks ago and have a huge supply? Give some to your immunocompromised friends and neighbors who don't have any. We can get through this as a nation but we have to work together. 

For current and up to date Coronavirus information visit this website and and

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