April 29, 2020

The War on White Privilege and being a Gay Man in the Republican Party- Chatting with Greg Gandrud Treasurer of the California Republican Party

This week we sat down (virtually) to chat with Greg Gandrud, the Treasurer of the California GOP who was elected along with my dad and co host Randy Berholtz in 2019. 

Back in July of 2016, Greg attended the Republican National Convention in Cleveland as an Alternate Delegate for Donald J. Trump representing the 24th Congressional District and also founded Gandrud Financial Services Corporation. Greg manages tax and business services, wealth management, trust administration, and real estate  investments for clients in fifteen states and five countries.

In October of 2018, Greg formed a nonprofit called Fair Education Santa Barbara which has retained attorney Eric Early and has sued the Santa Barbara Unified School District and Just Communities Central Coast for spending dollars on what he calls "anti-American curriculum that is racist against white people and teaches students that white male Christian capitalists are oppressors".

We dive into if he believes white privilege actually exists and also why he does not believe that police brutality against POC is a real thing and how it comes down to simply knowing how to interact with the police. Harriet shares a much different view and you'll see us talk about this and discuss our opposing beliefs in a real and respectful way.

Greg is also an openly gay Republican Man who is a dues paying member of the Log Cabin Republicans, an organization that works within the Republican Party to advocate for equal rights for lesbian and gay Americans.

We discuss how the GOP and self declared party of family values has accepted Greg while his Democratic gay friends have un invited him from parties and shunned him since "Trump Derangement Syndrome" took over after the election in 2016. 

Harriet talks about the many ways in which homophobia is still very present in the Republican party and Randy asks the question "is it harder to be a gay man or a Republican in America". 

While these topics were ones that as Democrat, Harriet vehemently disagreed with, it was a successful episode because all parties were able to have a really respectful conversation and hear each other out which is the whole point of this podcast.

There was no name calling, no shutting each other down, and it was a really refreshing conversation. We hope you enjoy it and shoot us a message sharing your thoughts on this episode! 

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