March 25, 2020

Why Can’t I Get Tested for Coronavirus but Tom Hanks Can? Hear from a Nurse + Physician Assistant on the Front Lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this episode we speak with a frustrated patient who is exhibiting all of the signs of the Coronavirus but can't get tested in San Bernardino County, California. Why is it so hard for non celebrities or politicians to get tested and is that going to change in the next few weeks? We dive into that in the beginning of the podcast. 

Next we speak with a Nurse working at Scripps Green Hospital in San Diego, CA about what life is like working with limited PPE equipment, having to bleach the goggles worn in the drive by screening tents, and why she believes it's just a matter of time until she gets Coronavirus. We also talk about how people can best support healthcare workers out there on the frontlines right now, the supplies that are most in need, and what to do if you think you might have Coronavirus. 

We close out the podcast talking with an amazing Physician Assistant Prescott Lederer who works down at the Mexico border treating patients seeking political asylum and we hear how COVID-19 is affecting her daily life. 

Prescott also has spearheaded an incredible non profit Stay Home San Diego which is a grocery assistance program for the elderly, they have already delivered over 3800 groceries to those in need so if you are able to donate to this amazing organization you can do so here or if you or somebody you know over 65 is in need of grocery delivery you can also head to the site and fill out a form. 

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